This amazing piece of information list provides about How to Care Ficus Benjamina and Pruning ficus branches, list of Basic Bonsai Styles

Windswept Style

The windswept style is also a good example of trees that must struggle to survive. The branches as well as the trunk grow to one side as though the wind has been blowing the tree constantly in one direction. The branches grow out on all sides of the trunk but will all eventually be bent to one side.

Windswept, with the typical branch arrangement blowing to one side. Conform the outline in a triangle.
Branches are extremely forced by wind. Indicate by bending branches at the base.
Straight trunk style with only the branches forced by the wind. Some branches are formed into a JIN.
MOYOGI style, showing a moderate windswept by indicating branches on one side longer than the other.
A branch crossing the bent trunk is another exaggerated form of windswept style.

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Ficus Diseases and Pests

Ficus pests are mainly scale, mites and mealy bugs.
Ficus can be treated with soap sprays for most insect infestations.
Yellow leaves, sticky leaves, off color leaves and/or spider webs indicate insect problems.