This amazing piece of information list provides about How to Care Ficus Benjamina and Pruning ficus branches, list of Basic Bonsai Styles


Sometimes a cracked tree can survive by pointing its branches upward. The old root system can provide the branches with enough nutrients. After a while new roots will start growing, eventually taking over the function of the old root system. The old branches which now point into the air develop into trunks with multiple branching s as a result of the increased influx of nutrients. These new trunks contribute to one single crown.

Bonsai Styles - Sprout Style (KABUDACHI)

A position where there is an opening and each trunk can be seen is the front. The distance between each trunk must be different. Do not have the trees crossing each other.
In a triple trunk style, the center tree must be either the tallest or shortest, and placed slightly in the rear to create depth.
Every trunk should be divided at the base, so that is looks like an individual tree.
Each tree should have a different height, and that is adjusted by the size of the trunk. Same rule as double trunk style.
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Ficus Diseases and Pests

Ficus pests are mainly scale, mites and mealy bugs.
Ficus can be treated with soap sprays for most insect infestations.
Yellow leaves, sticky leaves, off color leaves and/or spider webs indicate insect problems.